August 15, 2022

The Best Telehandler Rental in Monroe County, WI

The Best Telehandler Rental in Monroe County, WI

With wide pneumatic tyred wheels and a broader chassis, the telehandler can cover more difficult and rugged terrain than a standard skid steer loader. For this reason, many agricultural, construction, and mining operations have found great success in using telehandlers.
At Coulee Rentals And Sales, we aim to provide our clients with the best possible telehandler rental experience. Our team of experts will recommend the best ways to take advantage of our telehandlers' capabilities and ensure you are satisfied with the results.


What Can I Use A Telehandler For?

Working At Height

A telehandler can be an invaluable tool if you have a job that involves working at height. With the ability to extend its boom and reach up to 25 feet, a telehandler can help you work comfortably at height without needing scaffolding. Share with our experts the specifications of your job, and we will give you the telehandler rental service ever.


Although it's not their primary function, telehandlers can be used for light digging and excavating tasks. With the addition of a ditch Witch attachment, our telehandlers can help you with various tasks such as trenching, ditching, and general excavating. No other company in Monroe County, WI, offers such a complete and reliable equipment rental service.

Waste Clearance

We know that debris is unavoidable in most construction and agricultural jobs. That is why our telehandlers are also equipped with high-capacity buckets that can be used for waste clearance. Don't let that debris pile up and become a problem; ask us how our telehandlers can help you solve it.

Moving Heavy Loads

Even with its smaller size, a telehandler is still more than capable of moving heavy loads thanks to its extendable boom. Do the math and see how much time you can save by using our telehandlers instead of a crane to carry those heavy loads from one point to another.

Request Superior Telehandler Rental From Us!

At Coulee Rentals And Sales, trustworthiness, affordability, and convenience are our top priorities when it comes to providing an exceptional telehandler rental service. We are the only company in Monroe County, WI that offers such a complete and reliable service. Let us help you, and contact us now!


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