Reliable Wheel Loader Rental in Monroe County, MN

Building and construction projects require reliable, safe, and up-to-date equipment. When trying to make a construction project a success, you need the right tools. Coulee Rentals and Sales provides high-quality wheel loader rentals in Monroe County, MN.

We specialize in renting commercial-grade equipment that meets safety standards and is regularly maintained for optimal performance. We count on a team of experts that can advise our customers on the right equipment to rent for their projects. Read on to learn more about our wheel loaders and equipment for rent.


The Reliable Wheel Loader Rental You Need!

Wheel loaders are robust machines designed for various large-scale tasks like grading, pushing, and excavating. The operator can take control from the cabin situated on top with an articulated arm and adjustable bucket that allows the material to be shifted or scooped up in one go. These powerful tools, from demolition projects to loading trucks, are ideal for land-clearing operations too!

Wheel Loader: Skid Steer

The wheel loader is one of the pieces of equipment for rent we offer to our customers as a Skid Steer. It is designed to fit into tight spaces, and its power makes it ideal for large-scale tasks such as loading trucks or pushing material. 

It has zero turning radius, which allows the machine to spin in place, a great advantage when working in small work sites. The Skid Steer also comes with quick-coupler arms that allow attachments to be added quickly and safely, expanding the number of applications for your project.

Our wheeled skid steer has the amazing capacity to lift 3300 lb and offers the amazing benefit of heat, a/c, a 2-speed, and high flow to accomplish all your necessities. You can count on receiving the optimal performance for this machinery. 

Rent From Us, Rent Safely in Monroe County!

Are you searching for a reliable wheel loader service provider in Monroe County, MN? Coulee Rentals And Sales are the answer! We understand the importance of reliable equipment for any project. That’s why we strive to provide the highest standards of quality for our customer service. 

We know you need an efficient machine, so we only use superior-grade models for our wheel loader rental. Get in touch today to learn more about our services and get a quote!


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