Excavator Rental In Onalaska, WI, and Surrounding Areas

Acquiring an excavator can be costly if you are a small construction company. Whenever you have a client looking for a specific machine you may not have, such as an excavator, you can rent instead of buy. Coulee Rentals & Sales offers "excavator rental near me" and can help you save money on any project.

Our premium excavators provide unparalleled performance for every project. We make excavator rental easy by offering various machinery that ensures your clients' satisfaction. Moreover, we guarantee top-condition equipment at an affordable price so you can easily cater to your client's needs.


When Are Excavators Used?

You may feel stressed when you don't have the capabilities to provide clients with an "excavator rental near me," clients will ask for excavators when they need to excavate and dig out spaces such as foundations for buildings, excavating trenches or holes. Warehouses, pools, and roads may also require excavator services. Our excavator is ideal for excavating large amounts of earth quickly and efficiently, as well as for creating trenches, manipulating the ground level, or grading a site to prepare it for paving. 

Bobcat E85 Compact Excavator

Our company has you covered when you rent an excavator, we have Bobcat E85 Compact excavators available. This excavator provides unbeatable performance and can be used in various tasks and projects ranging from smaller projects to more complex excavations. 

It features cab heat, A/C, air ride seat, 2 speed, ISO or Standard controls, Hydraulic thumb, and impressive specs such as a max cutting height of 16.5', a max reach along the ground of 23.6', and a max digging depth of 15.5'. These are only a few features that make this compact excavator perfect for any project.

Our Excavator Rental Rates

We take pride in being an affordable equipment rental company which you can still profit from when renting from us. Our rates are as follows:

• 4-Hour Rate: $265.00

• Daily Rate: $376.30

• Weekly Rate: $1,500.00

• 4 Week Rate: $3,696.00.

Don't Lose That Client; We Are Your Solution!

Our company in Onalaska, WI, is easy and fast to work with when needed. You can deliver easily anywhere in the surrounding areas to provide your client with a great solution. 

Coulee Rentals & Sales' excavators are of top quality, and our team is always available to guide you and help you choose the machine that best suits your client's needs. Contact us now for excavator rental services, and forget about buying a machine.


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