February 26, 2023

Types Of Track Loaders: Getting The Job Done!

Types Of Track Loaders: Getting The Job Done!

There’s no doubt construction or landscaping projects require heavy machinery to load, unload, transport, and move heavy soil or materials.

It’s useful to have track loafer rentals available to ensure your job is done efficiently and safely.

In this post, you’ll find track loader types and their uses. Read on!

Track Loader Types And Their Uses

  • Compact track loaders 

With a rated operating capacity of a maximum of 3,650lb, compact track loader rentals have excellent lifting capabilities, pushing force, and flotation. They also have a lot of headroom and legroom in their cabins.

They're perfect for loading trucks, grinders, hoppers, and many other jobs.

Some examples of these track loaders types could be: the Bobcat T770 Compact Track Loader, and the Wacker Neuson ST31 Compact Track Loader.

  • Mini track loaders

With an operating capacity of 1,000lb max, mini track loaders are perfect for jobs that humans can’t do on their own, with their bare two hands, but that don’t require big machinery. 

These track loader types are small, making them ideal for confined spaces such as mine shafts or tunnels. They are built to be fuel-efficient and can operate for long periods of time without stopping to refuel.

Before renting, you should take into consideration: prices, models available, horsepower, fuel efficiency, and what job you need the track loader for.

The Leading Track Loader Rental Available

The right track loader rental can make your job easier and more efficient. The right loader can help you work faster, safer, and more efficiently. Coulee Rentals and Sales is the place for you whether you own a construction company or are looking for a rental for your shift.

At both check-in and check-out, our knowledgeable staff thoroughly inspects and maintains all of the rental equipment we offer. As a result, you'll get the exceptional performance you need without incurring the expenses and hassles associated with maintaining and storing a larger permanent fleet.

At Coulee Rentals and Sales, we can discuss your job and make sure you are getting the right equipment to be as efficient as possible. Consideration is given to your needs and budget.

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