What Are Pneumatic Tires & How Are They Used?

If you're like most people, you take pneumatic tires for granted. You probably think of them as just another part of your car or equipment.. But pneumatic tires are a marvel of engineering and play a vital role in personal and industrial transportation. In this article, we'll take a closer look at pneumatic tires and discuss the pros and cons of such.


What Are Pneumatic Tires?

Pneumatic tires, are commonly found on various vehicles, from hand trucks and wheelbarrows to forklifts and tractors. Their popularity stems from the fact that they have durable rubber treads which provide good shock absorption qualities, helping to stabilize the vehicle and reducing bumps felt by those insides.

Pros of Pneumatic Tires

  • They’re made of solid rubber which makes them more durable than other tires.
  • They reduce noise due to the soft rubber treads and top-tier shock absorption.
  • Not only can pneumatic tires take on uneven terrain, but you can also use them for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • With optimal shock absorption, these trucks are perfect for job sites with the potential of bumps or sudden shocks from heavy loads.

Cons of Pneumatic tires

  • Pneumatic tires are generally heavy, which makes them difficult to maneuver. Their large size also makes it hard to turn corners.
  • The weight you need to bear affects the size and heaviness of your tire.
  • If you have air-filled tires, you must monitor the air pressure. If it falls below a certain level, the tire won't work as well or be as movable.
  • Tires filled with air are more likely to get punctured, especially on terrain that isn't smooth or if there are many sharp objects around.


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