Affordable & Reliable Wheel Loaders For Rent in La Crosse, WI 

Coulee Rentals and Sales is here to aid you if you're searching for equipment for rent to help with your construction project in La Crosse, WI, or the nearby areas; Coulee Rentals and Sales are here to aid! From wheel loaders to other pieces of machinery, we offer reliable rentals at reasonable prices. We understand that getting the job done without spending too much money is important. That is why our team of experts works hard to source quality equipment that won't break the bank.


What Are Wheel Loaders Useful For?

Few people know that wheel loader equipment has many applications outside of moving dirt and hauling it away. Wheel loaders are useful for handling pipe, asphalt, sod, and rocks. They are also great for moving equipment around a construction site.

Coulee Rentals And Sales offer construction equipment rental; one of our most sought-after construction machinery pieces is the wheel loader. Our wheel loaders are suitable for various jobs such as landscaping or agricultural work, construction projects, hauling materials offsite, and more.

Technical Specifications

Our wheel loaders provide maximum efficiency due to their variety of features. With a rated operating capacity of 3300.32 lbs and an unladen weight of 9089.65 lbs, these machines are ideal for lighter projects without sacrificing power or performance. The measurements include 14 ft 4 in operating height; 12 ft 8.51 in length; 8ft 2.50in dump height; 42┬░dump angle at full height; 10ft 11 18in hinge pin at a fully raised level. All features combined ensure that your job is completed with ease!

Rental Periods Rate

We offer four convenient rental periods at different rates:

Affordable Construction Equipment Rental!

Coulee Rentals And Sales is the perfect equipment rental resource for quick, reliable, affordable wheel loader rentals in La Crosse, WI. We make sure that all of our equipment meets your needs so that you can finish your project efficiently and on time. With our fair rates and quality equipment, you can rest assured that we are the best wheel loader rental option for any job you have in mind. Contact us now to learn more about all the available equipment for rent!


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